Monday, February 18, 2013


Not sure how many of you have realized that I have been MIA the past few weeks.  Nothing major has happened to explain my absence.  I didn't win a Carnival Cruise (thank goodness, not sure I will ever go on a cruise now) or win the lottery.  Life just happens.  I have two adorable little girls that take up a lot of my time at home and most nights I feel like they deserve my attention more than my blog deserves my attention.  Here are my little cuties in the bath last night!
I have been really busy at school also.  We are in the process of switching over our curriculum to be 100% common core.  We are starting to implement now and are to be finished and ready to fully implement in the fall.  I found out I will be staying in first grade next year instead of moving back to kindergarten.  I was disappointed at first, because there is just something magical about kindergarteners, but now I am really excited to get to implement a lot of the things we have already decided to put in place for next year.  I am on our schools math committee and have been working a lot on our fluency tests.  We have decided to give the first graders 3 minutes to do 40 problems with 90% accuracy.  What are your schools doing?  My kids did really well on addition through ten.  All but one of them passed the second time we took the test and continue to pass every Friday.  Now, subtraction has been a little trickier for them but the majority of the class is to the point where they are continually passing.  We also decided to do an oral fluency test.  Our first attempt at this test was to give the kids 40 problems and as long as they need to finish...BIG MISTAKE!  We switched it to 20 problems and they have 1 minute to orally answer them.  I gave the addition version of the oral fluency test on Friday and it went MUCH better.  What does fluency look like for your first graders?

What are some of your go to books that fit into the common core criteria?  I have been slacking on my Friday book posts (again, life happens).  But I have been starting to keep a list of books that I love and what standard I see them fitting into and how. 

I have a lot more I would like to say(like I discovered DOJO), but I will save that for another day...who knows, maybe I will get two blog posts done in a week....oooooooh!  :) 

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