Thursday, April 4, 2013

Take Me Out to the Ballgame....

While I am not a huge baseball fan (as in, I don't yell at the tv like I do during football season), I thought it would be fun to do some baseball themed stuff in honor of opening day.  I also wanted to ease back into school after Spring Break as we still aren't having the best spring weather and the kids are getting antsy.
Players in Pigtails is an adorable book about the women's baseball league.  It even talks about the Rockford Peaches, which my students thought was awesome since we are about 20 miles from Rockford. 

Testing the Ice is another great book to read about baseball.  It is about how Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball and how his kids viewed him as a hero for many different reasons.  The kids really enjoyed this book.  They also did a great job of making connections to Martin Luther King Jr. and some of the other Black History things we learned about in February.
Casey at the Bat A Ballad of the Republic Sung in the Year 1888 probably would have been a better choice for older grades.  It was WAY over the first graders heads.  There was a lot of vocabulary in the book that was foreign to them.  While I tried to explain what some of the words meant, it was probably a bit too much!
They enjoyed this youtube version so much more!  It is much more first grade friendly that the book.
I had my kids play Popcorn Word Baseball.  I found it on teacherspayteachers a while back and kind of forgot about it.  I stumbled upon it in my files and the kids LOVED it!
Popcorn Baseball Game Bundle 

It was a great way to get them up and moving around the classroom.  It costs three dollars, but it is three dollars well spent.  I think we are going to continue our baseball adventures next week as well. 

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