Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Classroom Tour...Part One

I have been in my room A LOT the past two weeks, and while I am not ready to give you the full classroom tour, here is a sneak peak of my classroom!
This is my math wall.  It has shapes, a hundreds chart, a calendar that is always up, months of the year and days of the week posters.  The pizza pans are where my math groups are posted.  Their names are on magnets so it is easily interchangeable. 
Number Line:  Get it here!
Shape Posters:  Get them here! (they are FREE!)

This is my birthday wall.  Each month will have the students picture on it!

Get the adorable chevron numbers here!
This is my Student of the week wall.  The frame was $7.99 at Michaels and I spray painted it with glitter spray paint.  It turned out fantastic!  The student of the week will have their picture inside the frame and receive a special certificate from me!
Hopefully I will have full classroom photos for your soon!  Tomorrow I will NOT be going to school.  I will be swimming with my two adorable little fish and then going to a rodeo at our local fair.  Below is a picture of them ready for the rodeo we went to when we were on vacation in Texas!

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