Monday, May 13, 2013

Blog Help & Ducks!

When I created this blog I spent HOURS figuring out how to make it cute without spending money. While it isn't as cute as some other blogs, I really like the blog. I am switching from teacherweb to a blog style website for my classroom next year and I am having a HORRIBLE time remembering how I did things. I am completely stumped on how I changed my title to the cute graphic I made! Do any of you have good websites that are helpful? 

 Our ducks are doing great! Here is Quackers with my oldest daughter Natalie.
(I left my camera at school, I will post more duck pictures tomorrow)
Here is a link to my classroom webpage with more pictures!

Here are a few videos!

Quackers looking for Bob!

Swimming Ducks!

Hope you all had a great Mother's Day!
I spent mine with these cuties!

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